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Intelligent Shutdown IC

Intelligent Shutdown IC

Product name:Intelligent Shutdown IC

Item:SiLM6000 Series


Intelligent photovoltaic shutdown device with PLC receiving function (compliant with NEC690.12)
SiLM6000 is an RSD chip that integrates auxiliary power supply, power line carrier (PLC) receiving module, driver, Charge Pump, and 1V indicator voltage, designed specifically for photovoltaic fast shutdown applications.
SiLM6000 provides customers with a minimalist system design that complies with NEC690.12 specifications. When receiving the SunSpec PLC signal, SiLM6000 controls the conduction of the external MOS transistor; When the signal is not received, the external MOSFET is turned off to put the photovoltaic array in a low voltage safe state.
SiLM6000 supports one-to-one RSD applications, providing customers with a highly integrated, reliable, and cost-effective solution.
The receiver supports the SunSpecTM "Fast Shutdown Communication Signal" power line communication protocol
Provide 1V output voltage when there is no activation signal in the system
Operating at PV voltage of 10.5V to 110V
Integrated NFET driver
Support flash testing
Packaging: TSSOP14-EP
Working temperature range: -40 ℃ to 125 ℃

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