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SOI Insulated Wafer

SOI Insulated Wafer SOI Insulated Wafer SOI Insulated Wafer SOI Insulated Wafer

Product name:SOI Insulated Wafer



Semiconductor SOI insulated wafer
SOI substrate wafer
SOI silicon wafer
Model: 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12 inches
SOI insulated silicon wafer
SOI refers to placing a thin layer of silicon on an insulating substrate. The transistor will be prepared on a thin layer of silicon called 'SOI'. Devices based on SOI structure can essentially reduce junction capacitance and leakage current, improve switching speed, reduce power consumption, and achieve high-speed and low-power operation. As the next generation of silicon based integrated circuit technology, SOI is widely used in most fields of microelectronics, while also being applied in other fields such as optoelectronics and MEMS.
The company can provide 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, and 200mm wafers and their epitaxial wafers. The product series includes Simbond, bonded wafers, high-dose and low-dose SIMOX wafers, and can be extended to the required surface silicon thickness according to user needs. In addition, the company also provides users with ultra-thin SIMOX series with top layer silicon less than 50nm and high resistance SIMOX wafers for RF system integration.
The thickness of the top layer silicon can vary depending on the application. With the help of precision instruments, bonding technology, and epitaxial equipment, the thinnest layer of silicon can reach up to 20 nanometers, and the thickest layer can reach tens of micrometers or more. A thicker top layer of silicon is particularly important for optical communication and MEMS devices.
Product specifications:
SOI wafers mainly have the following characteristics:
1. Increase operating speed
At a specific voltage, the operating speed of circuits built on SOI materials is 30% faster than that of circuits built on ordinary silicon materials, greatly improving the performance of microprocessors and other devices.
2. Reduce energy loss
SOI materials can reduce energy consumption by nearly 30% -70%, making them particularly suitable for areas with high energy consumption.
3. Improve operational performance
SOI materials can withstand high temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius or even 500 degrees Celsius, making them particularly suitable for equipment that must operate well in harsh environments.
4. Reduce packaging size
SOI materials can meet the increasingly small requirements of IC manufacturers for products.


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